As Craftstrom we have a combined 30+ years of work experience in big energy.

We decided that it was time to bring more transparency into the industry and empower users by combining easy-to-use renewable technology and intelligent software.

Producing and storing your own electricity can be convenient, beautiful and fun - let us inspire you!

Energy is one of the last remaining industries where customers are not considered an integral part of product development.

The Solution

Empower anyone interested in having more freedom to generate, store and manage their own electricity – anywhere. We create hardware that you want to place in your living room for its simplicity and beauty.

The Facts

Clean and renewable energy is currently still limited to property and house owners, as systems require technical know-how and are dependent on the installation by certified electricians. We are changing this by introducing pure plug&play products for electricity production and storage at affordable prices.

Enter the Energy Revolution

Whether you see our renewable energy as a long-term investment, or long for independence, or whether you really do want to play a part in the fight against climate change, our solution has one aim – to make it easier for You

Our Solution

Products designed to let you produce, store and manage renewable electricity – tailored for use in urban areas and very applicable in apartments & small houses. You decide when and where you want to use the electricity you generated.

We are providing more independence to consumers by taking them through every step of the process – from electricity production, via storage to power management – through our user-friendly App.

Smart Panel

Smart Battery

Mobile App



Portable, Plug & Play and works everywhere with sunlight


Just one panel produces up to 20% (Europe) of your annual energy consumption.


Modern design and high end materials to ensure longevity


Tailored for use in urban areas, very applicable in flats & houses


Installation in less than 20 mins and no electrician needed

User Friendly

Comes with an app to manage your panels and the energy flow

Electricity Production - Smart Panel

The smart panel consists of two major components. Our solar panel, designed to be lightweight (14 lbs/6.4kg) and thin (0.12 in/3 mm) for easy and safe installation. It can also be folded into a quarter of its original size (72.8 in x 38.6 in / 1850 mm x 980 mm), for ultra portability. For installation, choose from one of our mounting systems, or simply use the eyelets to fasten it to your balcony, roof, or literally any surface you can think of.

Furthermore, since we want you to be able to use your panel and battery anywhere, you can also charge the battery directly from our solar panel, using a simple adapter cable.

Our focus is not only on the beauty and applicability of our systems, but also on safety. That is why our designs are tested for high wind forces. The picture on the left shows our ground-based and sun-angle adjustable mounting system under winds of 100 mph (161 kph), taking those immense stresses easily, without breaking the mount or the panel.

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Soon our products will be on the market and you will be able to start producing your own renewable energy!

Energy Storage

Not just a home battery

Use it as Home Storage, charge it from the solar panel or take advantage of daily power price variations. When you discharge that energy back into your home grid, it will automatically power any device or appliance drawing energy – you do not need to do anything.

Using the App, you can choose to have the battery talk to your solar panel and charge only when you produce your own electricity; or, you can simply order it to charge within a certain time of the day. Either way, the energy is saved until you tell it to discharge.

Use it as a Mobile Battery. Whenever you need power on the go, simply pull the battery out of its base and use the stored power indoors or outdoors. Charging devices or appliances is done via several options, such as USB (DC) or power outlet (AC).

The capacity of this battery is large enough to charge any mobile device multiple times, or larger appliances, such as portable lighting, a refrigerator, TVs and any other device you can think of.

Our app is the best way to manage your energy.

Control in real-time the status and functionalities of your equipment while using or charging it.

Control your battery usage

Manage your panels

Enable or disable battery functionality

ECO Impact: energy generated yearly

Control your electricity generation easily

You can check on your current and previous power levels anytime from anywhere in the world. You can even turn your panel off through our App. The graphs show you how much electricity you have produced either in total, or daily, weekly or monthly. Detailed numbers are shown when you touch the line on each graph. The second graph depicts power levels your panel has reached on a daily basis.

Tell your batterywhat to do

When and how your battery does charge and discharge, is up to you and easily programmed. For Charging Mode you only once provide basic input how much electricity your home uses by answering simple questions and then you let your App do the work. You can even set to charge the battery from the Grid to take advantage of price differences throughout the day or nigh or if you want to have 100% loaded battery at a certain time.


The smart panel, battery and app will aid you in harvesting solar energy for your ongoing electrical needs. Excess solar energy will be stored in the battery and ready for your use to maximize your benefit. Use that energy to save costs in at night, or on the go. Simply grab the panel and battery for a fun weekend outdoors.
While in use as a home battery, everything will be set in the app to be managed automatically for your ease of mind or – if you wish – as per the settings that you decide.

Our system is designed to combine a multitude of smart batteries in a local area into micro-grids, to enable fair sharing of resources, meaning that overproduction by some users can be used by others in a fair way.

We are working on combining smart batteries in a local area into micro-grids, to enable fair sharing of resources, meaning that overproduction by some users can be used by others in a fair way.

Safety Considerations


CraftStrom batteries use only Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFEPO4) battery cells. These have some great advantages to your typical cell phone battery types regarding chemical and thermal stability:

Due to the nature of the chemical bonds in this type, chances of batteries exploding due to abuse are greatly reduced, in comparison to Lithium Ion cells.

LiFEPO4 cells are structurally more stable during charge/discharge cycles.

They are more resilient in high temperature environments.


When you connect the battery to your home grid, safety features inside the base will determine the stability of your electrical grid. For your safety, as well as the safety of electricians, firemen, etc., the base will automatically shut off any charging or discharging cycle within 20 milliseconds after detecting grid-shut-down.

We believe in an open and community-based approach – that’s why our solution will run on an open platform with a universal API that encourages like-minded initiatives and organizations to join us.


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